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Brand: الجزيرة Model: COOL ROOF
Description'Jazeera Cool Roof" is a water base elastomeric roofs coating specially designed for heat insulation by solar reflection technology, which decreases interior temperature and energy consumption with extreme waterproofing properties.Features- Exceptional ability to reflect the sun rays whic..
S.R 403.49
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: كوريوم
DescriptionA hydrous and decorative paint is used in the inner surfaces, and is designed by special method granting the appearance of soft leather of full elegant.Features- Wide range of colors- Very good color retention.- Highly durable.- Easy to apply- Excellent adhesion.- Good spreading rate.- Pr..
S.R 288.65
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: CRACK FILLER
DescriptionA paste is specially designed to fill cracks and holes in concrete and cement surfaces up to 1cm depth.Features- Crack will not be visible after applying top coat.- Very good undercoat adhesion with surface and primers.- Very strong adhesion and hardness.- Excellent crack filling property..
S.R 55.31
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: CRYSTAL RESIN
DescriptionA pure and transparent liquid resin material, holds together and hardens to take the appearance of pure crystal, has wide-ranging uses, and can be poured into molds or carved to create unlimited creative shapes and pieces. When adding different colors and materials to the liquid, diverse ..
S.R 115.00
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: Crystal Resin Colors
add the most creative touches to your resin work...
S.R 69.00
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: DHILAL
DescriptionA decorative paint, which is applied to exterior surfaces. It is characterized by strength, hardness and resistance to ultra-violet radiation.Features- High dirt pick-up resistance.- Excellent UV resistance.- Turns walls into an epitome of beauty and elegance.- High exterior durability.- ..
S.R 435.85
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: إبداع
DescriptionWaterborne decorative paint applied to interior surfaces. It gives you a combination of wavy colors of luxury and uniqueness.Features- Wide range of colors.- Excellent hardness.- Excellent adhesion and high durability properties.- Imparts a rich and exclusive atmosphere in the living spac..
S.R 324.30
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: ELORA
DescriptionAn interior water-based topcoat paint, characterized by its high quality and attractive appearance that mimics the appearance of coral reefs. Washable to keep your wall beautiful everyday. *This product comes in a kit that includes a paint and a powder.Features- Coral-like appearance- Pro..
S.R 239.20
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: EMPEROR
DescriptionWhite paint with matt finish, recommended to use as topcoat on concrete, cement, gypsum, hard board and brick surfaces,it provides excellent weather resistance and outdoor durability...
S.R 230.00
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: FAST DRYING ENAMEL GLOSS
DescriptionAn fast-drying oil-based gloss paint of , for iron. It is applied to interior and exterior surfaces. It is characterized by strength, hardness and its very fast drying, in addition to its durability against friction and weather conditions.Features- Quick drying.- High adhesion property.- ..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: FIREWOOD 150
DescriptionA high quality single component water-borne intumescent fire retardant coating, specially designed for combustible substrates.Features- Excellent adhesion and high durability- Flame spread resistance for one hour.- Used to improve the fire resistant properties of the wood- Resistance to f..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: FLEXIGUARD
DescriptionA cement-based paint is used to insulate against water. It is used under interior and exterior tiles, having the characteristic of resistance to water leakage, cracking and humidity.Features- High resistance to water leakage.- High flexibility and excellent crack resistance.- High resista..
S.R 184.44
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