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Brand: الجزيرة Model: FLEXIGUARD
DescriptionA cement-based paint is used to insulate against water. It is used under interior and exterior tiles, having the characteristic of resistance to water leakage, cracking and humidity.Features- High resistance to water leakage.- High flexibility and excellent crack resistance.- High resista..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: GLOSSTEX
DescriptionA water-based paint, which is applied to interior and exterior surfaces. It is characterized by ease of application as a product, in addition to its flexibility and resistance to weather conditions.Features- High resistance to weather conditions.- Excellent resistance to wet cleaning.- Hi..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: GOLDY
DescriptionA decorative paint for internal surfaces used to give it a luxury appearance. It is characterized by good resistance to washing, easy usage and diversity of color options.Features- Long lasting color retention.- Good washability.- Very good adhesion and high durability properties.- Excell..
S.R 170.20
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: جرين مت
DescriptionA matt water-based paint with unique properties make surfaces flat and smooth, and high purity gives long lasting wall colors...
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: GREEN PRIME
DescriptionA water primer for interior surfaces, with high adhesiveness, durability, and alkali resistance..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: GREEN PUTTY
DescriptionA water putty for interior surfaces, with high durability, adhesiveness, and easy usage, to make your interior walls smooth and flat.Features- .Excellent porous filling.- Superior adhesion with substrate and subsequent coats.- Easy to apply and sanding.- Ultra Low VOC, Extreme Low odor.- ..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: GROUTEX
DescriptionA high performance, Single component, polymer and special additives modified cementitious tile grout composed of special type of hydraulic bindersFeatures- Anti-Microbic.- Good compressive and flexural strength.- Excellent resistance to water.- Water-repellent with dropeffect.- Resistant ..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: GYPSONATE
DescriptionA hydrous paste for inner gypsum surfaces prepared to give you soft and flat surfaces that are devoid of any meanders.Features- Excellent filling property.- Good adhesion.- Easy to apply and sanding...
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: JAZ EPOXY CRACK FILLER ESP
DescriptionHigh performance epoxy putty designed to fill hollows, large cracks and level surfaces. It is characterized by hardness, strength and resistance to alkali and chemicals.Features- Excellent resistance to many chemicals aqueous solutions of alkalis, salts and inorganic acids, aliphatic and ..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: JAZ STONE
DescriptionA decorative paint, which is applied to interior and exterior surfaces. It is characterized by its high resistance to friction and harsh weather conditions.Features- Excellent durability for harsh Middle East Climate.- High resistance to moisture, temperature and weather conditions.- High..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: JAZ TANK COATING (D.W)
DescriptionA high quality two component tank lining coating, solvent free epoxy, specially designed for drinking water and food storage tanks. It has excellent resistance to corrosion.Features- • Safe and suitable for potable water and food storage tanks.- Excellent resistance to water.- Long-lastin..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: JAZ TAR EPOXY
DescriptionA two-Component solvent free polyamide cured coal tar epoxy paint.Features- Excellent anticorrosive properties.- Excellent seawater, chemical, soil chemical, salt, mineral oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and vegetable oils resistance.- Excellent adhesion to concrete and steel surfaces.- Sel..
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