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Brand: الجزيرة Model: JAZETAL FLAT
DescriptionAn enamel matte paint that is used on the interior and exterior surfaces, granting surfaces supreme flatness and softness. It is characterized with persistence of color and resistance to weather conditions...
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: JAZTEEL
DescriptionA decorative paint of metallic appearance, which is used for gypsum and wooden surfaces and ornate metals, has colors of gold, silver and bronze adding a unique touch of elegance.Features- Resistance to VR- Polished metalic appearance.- Fast drying- Easy to apply.- Excellent adhesion.Cata..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: JEANS
DescriptionThe youth animated look produced by jeans painting with a jeans fabric texture to give your walls a modern elegant look.Features- Perfectly washable.- Very good adhesion.- Very good durability properties.- Wide range of colors.- Its application technique...
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: KHAYAL
DescriptionA hydrous and decorative paint is used in the inner surfaces, and is designed by special method to give the view of the wealthy coral reefs.Features- Excellent adhesion and high durability properties.- Washable.- Gives you a feeling to be close to the nature.Catalogueto view the catalog c..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: KHAYAL PRIMER
A premium quality waterborne primer use as a primer for “KHAYAL”...
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: LINETEX
DescriptionA decorative paint, which is applied to exterior surfaces. It is characterized by high strength, hardness and resistance to weather conditions.CatalogueLINETEX CATALOG..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: MAGNETIC
DescriptionRecommended to be used for interior applications as intermediate coat and can be coated with any wall paints on suitable substrates as cement, plasterwork, concrete, plasterboard, wallpaper, etc. where magnetism property is required in classrooms, offices, bulletin boards, kid rooms, phot..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: MARMO
DescriptionA luxury water-base decorative paint,based on an efficient combination of a special kind of emulsion and filler to give an attractive and beautiful marble appearance...
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: MARMO CLEAR
DescriptionClear waterborne top coat designed to protect the surface of the wall and give it a glossy appearance, which is applied as a final layer over "Marmo" paint.Features- Excellent water resistance,therefore it is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.- Offers resistance to the growth of algae, ..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: MAROTEX
DescriptionAn elegant paint with soft-spray appearance, which is applied to exterior surfaces. It is characterized by strength, great coverage and colour retention in harsh weather conditions.CatalogueMAROTEX CATALOG..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: MASHASHCO
DescriptionA paint in traditional collections for interior and exterior surfaces. It is characterized by its high resistance to weather conditions, giving you the appearance of traditional houses.Features- High resistance to different hard weather conditions.- Highly durable with good adhesion.- Can..
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Brand: الجزيرة Model: MATRIX
DescriptionA cement layer for all types of internal surfaces, concrete columns and internal plaster surfaces of walls and ceilings.Features- Excellent bonding to fair face concrete and masonry surfaces.- Easily,fill the air pockets on concrete surface.- indoor use.- Gives good leveling for all inter..
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